What’s wrong with get-rich-quick schemes?

It's what you do and not what you have that makes you happy. (Photo courtesy of http://www.sxc.hu.)

By Anthony O. Alcantara

We’ve long been told that get-rich-quick schemes are evil. They lead to financial ruin. Those who offer these schemes in the guise of legitimate business ventures are armed with vacuums for sucking people’s money.

But these charlatans give get-rich-quick schemes a bad name. It’s not bad to get rich quick. If some people get rich quicker than some of our politicians, why deny them the accolade for the feat?

It’s a great challenge: How can you get rich quickly in a legitimate manner and without losing your soul?

I’ve heard of studies that prove money is not directly proportional to happiness. To a certain point, money does not result to more happiness. It’s actually the things you do that make you happy. It’s the time when you finished a gallon of yummy ube ice cream in 10 minutes, or the movie you watched with friends, or the pillow fights you had with your siblings, or the birth of your child that you reminisce. Not the wads of cash you withdrew from the ATM.

In that case, we get rich by investing in experiences and doing the things that we love to do.

Billionaires Carlos Slim, who is now the richest person in the world, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and even Henry Sy of the SM Group all had their get-rich-quick schemes. They did things they loved to do, somehow got better at it, and in the end amassed obscene amounts of money that only mathematicians can fathom. There’s no need for “Pennies Envy” as I wrote earlier.

It’s another creativity exercise: How to get rich quickly, legitimately, and without losing one’s soul?

It calls for unconventional and somewhat unreasonable thinking.

For now, I’ll just enjoy my ice cream, and wait for my Eureka moment, if it ever comes. I hope you find your get-rich-quick scheme too.



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