Just Imagine

Imagine that you are at Starbucks.

You order some coffee and a plump donut.

Then you spot an empty table near the door.

An overeager USANA salesman spots the same table and makes his way toward it.

But you run and beat him to the draw.

You smile.

He frowns.

Then you take out your MacBook Pro and smile some more.

Feeling uneasy about the remaining empty space on the table, you take out your iPad 2 and place it beside your MacBook Pro. They look good together.

Now you sip some coffee, take a bite out of your donut, and then notice that there’s still some empty space on the table. It’s begging to be filled.

So you bring out your iPod Shuffle to cover the space. Wow!

Now that’s more like it, you tell yourself.

Suddenly, your phone rings. You bring out your iPhone 4 and see the face of your friend on the screen.

“You lucky son of a monkey!” is your friend’s greeting.

You then look at your arsenal of gadgets and chuckle.

“Yes, I am,” you tell yourself. “I’m a lucky bastard indeed.”


This guy could be you!!!

You could win one of these!!

So bring out your wallets and checkbooks, and surrender your blessings for a good cause.

Your donation will help the Shrine of Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life implement its pastoral projects, which include a medical and dental mission as well as a handful of other projects of the Service Ministry.

Called “Apple Raffle: Handog sa iyo, ngayong Pasko”, this fund-raising activity will give away the latest gadgets from Apple, namely, two (2) Macbook Pros, two (2) iPhone 4s, two (2) iPad 2s, and 10 iPod Shuffles. Only P100 per ticket.

But I advise you to get one booklet, though. That would be P1,000. More tickets means more chances of winning, right?

The raffle draw will be held on December 24, 2011, during the Christmas Eve Mass.

So grab your tickets now before they run out, and I promise you, God will shower you with great blessings. With luck, the shower will include those cool gadgets I mentioned.

Please email me for ticket reservations at tonalcantara@yahoo.com.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your donations.



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