Where there is ACS

By Anthony O. Alcantara

Those who sing in choirs can probably relate to this.

When watching other choirs perform, you can’t help but compare the sound to your own choir. You can’t help but compare the sound to your batch. You can’t help but compare the sound to that imaginary perfect choir, whose members have the musicality of long-dead geniuses, and who possess that rare gift of perfect pitch.

I once tried to have perfect pitch. I used a software I found on the internet. Unfortunately, I got everything confused with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. It was all relative since then, and my neurons were indefinitely distended from both ends by a worm hole.

Anyway, I must admit to this relatively unconscious comparison when I watched the Ateneo Chamber Singers (ACS) during their concert entitled “Where there is Love” at the Philamlife Theater recently.

The ACS is known for sacred choral music. For the first time, however, they decided to be a little flexible. They included love songs in the second part.

How I loved the second part. It included songs from their latest album, “Love I’ve Found In You.” I loved the songs of Trina Belamide, Arnel de Pano and Von de Guzman. I loved the solos and the duets and the arrangements.

Make no mistake about it. I loved the first part, too. It was vintage ACS sound, and it’s to be expected. Even with my eyes closed, I could feel conductor Jojo Velasco moving his arms and swaying as he skillfully shaped the music to create a masterpiece of aural beauty and sophistication.

But the second part was just a delightful surprise. They even had some choreography.

“How was the second part? Was the choreography bad? We only practiced that a few days ago,” one member told me.

Bad? I was thoroughly entertained by the music, their voices, and, heck, even the video. How could it be bad?

Of course, being a former member of the ACS, I could be biased. But who isn’t? We all have biases.

After watching the concert with my wife, who enjoyed it as well, I realized why I had my unconscious comparisons. I missed singing with the ACS.

The ACS concert was a work of love. And if there is love, nothing else matters much. Not even the perceived mistakes.



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