A View of Bahay Pari

By Anthony O. Alcantara

Just until recently, I never thought much about the Bahay Pari. All I know is that it’s a good place for retreats. I didn’t even know where it was.

For Catholics and for the curious, I present to you a few of the photos I took during my recent visit there a few months ago. Some of the areas are restricted, so these are all I have.

The Bahay Pari was supposed to be a place for retired priests, where they can spend their final years, or days. A new place was built for that purpose, however. And Bahay Pari has become a renewal center and recreational house for priests.

This is the Bahay Pari inside the San Carlos Seminary in Guadalupe, Makati. The white car that you see here is the car from which Bishop Ted Bacani emerged. Too bad it didn’t occur to me to have my picture taken with him.

The Bahay Pari has a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, which I’ve seen. The website says it also has a steam and a sauna bath, air-conditioned TV and audio room, and sports and gym equipment.

It also has 60 single-occupancy rooms. About half of them are air-conditioned, and the rest have electric fans. At least, all rooms have their own toilets and baths.

Isn’t this beautiful? I imagine one dive will probably bring me straight to heaven. Too bad I didn’t bring my swimming outfit.

Images of Jesus, Mary and the saints can be seen around the place. I think the room here is one of the meeting rooms or lecture rooms.

This Jacuzzi beckons. But I must control myself.

This statue of the Virgin Mary is one of the most prominent ones inside the Bahay Pari.

This exquisite painting of Mama Mary greets guests as they enter Bahay Pari.

Ahhh, the trellis. A nice spot for having coffee and a good conversation.

There are several huge bird cages in the facility. Maybe it’s because of the symbolism? There are many saints who like to be seen with birds. Saint Francis, for example.

I guess bird watching is a hobby here. These will help in the identification.

In any case, Bahay Pari is not just a quiet place for spiritual renewal and recreation. It’s a place for birds, too, and all that they symbolize.



2 Responses to “A View of Bahay Pari”

  1. temay g. padero Says:

    With some friends, I attended wake mass for Mons Chito Bernardo last Monday. While having coffee in your lobby, we got so attracted by the “Our Lady of the Philippines” painting that beautifully hangs in the lobby. The painter’s name reads “Carlo Gabuco”. We want to get in touch with the painter. There is another Carlo Gabuco [painter photographer] and i was able to contact him. He said he is a painter but the painting referred to was done by the older Gabuco.
    Would you be able to help us contact the painter of the “Our Lady of the Philippines”
    Maraming Salamat.

    • gohelpyourself Says:

      Sorry I don’t know who can help you contact the painter. I just had a short visit there and I don’t really have any contacts there. Perhaps somebody from the “Bahay Pari” can help.

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