Taxi drivers weigh in on Pacquiao-Bradley fight

By Anthony O. Alcantara

Do you want penetrating and insightful analysis of any boxing match?

Just ask taxi drivers. You’d be surprised. I confirmed this theory about boxing expertise again yesterday just after the much-awaited Manny Pacquiao – Tim Bradley fight.

Na-mafia ang laban (It was influenced by the mafia),” said one driver.

Niluto! (It was fixed!),” said another.

My survey was done just after the fight as I rode taxis from one place to another. I was out the whole day yesterday. I didn’t care about the fight. To be sure, I’m not the one getting $50 million, and the event won’t exactly make the Philippine economy jump like a gazelle.

But with the nimbleness of a gazelle, the drivers spryly explained to me why the fight was probably rigged. There was no way Pacquiao could have lost, they say.

It was all a farce, a travesty. There really was a date set for the November rematch. Manny wants the rematch because it will make him richer, millions of dollars richer. There is no one left interesting or profitable enough for Manny to fight. Floyd Mayweather is in jail, probably shadowboxing with an imaginary Manny. Bradley, by showing a mock-up ticket for a November rematch, couldn’t help keeping the “planned” rematch to himself. Bob Arum wants this rematch, too. He wants all the moola he can squeeze out of Pacquiao. Manny was unscathed. Bradley had to be brought out in a wheelchair. Manny won at least eight of the rounds. Etcetera.

It’s interesting to see how many of these views were repeated in the next day’s papers and in many other news sites. I learned all I needed to know by talking to these experts.

Of course, they may just be echoing the views of radio commentators or other people. But still, you get the same insights and views.

So the next time you want boxing insights and analysis, just hop on some taxis and talk to the drivers. You’ll get expert opinions at no cost.

Just remember to pay the fare.



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