Freedom at Ace Water Spa

Thumbs up for Ace Water Spa.

By Anthony O. Alcantara

To celebrate Independence Day and express our undying patriotism, we went to Ace Water Spa to get a taste of freedom.

While some people waved flags to celebrate, we made waves at the relaxing heated pools at the spa. Besides, Aria, for the past several days, has been religiously waving a small Philippine flag every morning on our bed as my wife Em and I sang the national anthem.

Aria quickly learned how to put her right hand on her belly with patriotic fervor as she sang along with us, albeit with garbled words that sounded like chanting.

But back to Ace Water Spa, if you haven’t gone there, I highly recommend that you try it. We visited the Pasig branch, which is nearer to our place in Pasay.

Now here’s what I liked about the place:

  1. The heated pools. There are seven of them. There are not too many places inManila where you can find heated pools, at least to my knowledge. The pools are so soothing and relaxing. If I were rich, I’d have a heated pool right in my bedroom.
  2. The hydro massage systems. There are 25 hydro massage systems there. I like the “hard” massages. There is one that will massage your back like a water canon. There is also a water fall for kneading your shoulders and back. Another one will massage your boobs so hard that they become so relaxed and will sag afterwards. I like the rainfall massage, too. You just lie face down and let the rain massage your back, arms and legs. You should try the different massage systems and see what you like.
  3. The medicated heated pools. There is one pool with rose extracts at 34 degrees Celsius, another pool with mint at 36 degrees, another with jasmine at 38 degrees, and one with lavender at 40 degrees. I dipped in the jasmine pool first. The heat was tolerable enough, but it took me 2 minutes to get used to the temperature and submerge my whole body. Then I tried the rose pool then the mint pool. I tried the lavender pool last. My feet immediately recoiled from the lavender pool when I tried to get in. It took me 5 minutes before I finally submerged my whole body. I felt as if my precious eggs were being hard-boiled. And speaking of eggs, there is a suggested length of time for submerging yourself in each pool. For men, it’s easy to remember – rose and mint, 3-5 minute eggs; jasmine and lavender, 1-2 minute eggs.
  4. The cold pool. After the hot pools, the cold pool provides a refreshing jolt in your body. I later learned from a friend that I should have dipped in the cold pool first before going into the very warm pools. That would have helped me tolerate the heat.

This is a view of the pool with the massage systems. I took this picture from the waiting area.

So what’s not to like at Ace Water Spa? I have three:

  1. The artificial trees and plants. They look terrible. For me, they detract from the beauty of the place. It could have been designed much better. But maybe it’s just me.
  2. The Eleven Tables restaurant there is closed on Tuesdays. I don’t know why they chose Tuesday. Obviously, we went there on a Tuesday. But why not Monday? Or Wednesday? Anyway, it was highly recommended by Our Awesome Planet.
  3. No picture-taking. I would have wanted to take before-and-after pictures inside the spa. I imagine myself vaporizing some adipose tissue after my sauna and hot steam. I also would have liked to take pictures of Aria trying to drink the pool dry.

These are just minor dislikes, though. We’ll be back. And if you’re also looking for a place to swim, have a massage, and relax, Ace Water Spa should be on your list.

For more info, just check their website and Anton Diaz’s review at



3 Responses to “Freedom at Ace Water Spa”

  1. I’m planning to visit this place again, and buy with a discount at Ace Water Spa any recommendations? or deal site?

  2. Check out Metrodeal for occasional deal offers. Or the Facebook page of Ace 🙂

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